Media|Player for Wovin|Lumen

    MediaPlayer, it an advanced software application for programming the KiboNode controller and testing effects. MediaPlayer combines all of the hardware and software aspects required to program the shows for the Wovin|Lumen display. The display can be completely standalone or can be configured to operate with the Wovin|Panel wall controller.

  • Compile AVI movies.
  • Configure & test network gateways.
  • Compile Pixel mapping.
  • Windows Service.
  • Control Wovin|Lumen display directly from PC desktop.
  • Set Global Dimming.
  • Test Effects.
Lumens 400lm per module before diffusion
Lumen Maintenance 70,000 hours L70 @ 25° C 40,000 hours L70 @ 50° C
100,000 hours L50 @ 25° C 70,000 hours L50 @ 50° C
LED Channels 4 or 3 Channels - RGBW x 4, RGB x 3
Processing Depth 16 Bit
Colours 17 million from an active pallet of 281 trillion
Video Frame Rate Up to 100 frames per second
Display Refresh Rate 2,6,12,24 kHz selectable
Height 24.323mm
Length 128.588 mm
Width 81.095mm
Housing 4 x M4 Screws (Not supplied)
Connections 3M Power-Clamp 5 Pin 6amp Rated
Data Transmission Standard UDP Serial & E1-31 DMX Ethernet Input
Data Protocol (STREAM) - Electronics Industries Alliance EIA485)
DMX - Electronics Industries Alliance EIA485)
ArtNet II / III
Video Formatting Precompiled AVI Files
Input Power 48VDC
Maximum Power Consumption 4 Watts per module
Module Run Length 60 modules | Max of 6 amps | 80m from power source to last module
Operating Temperature Range -20°C > +58°C
Operating Humidity Range 80% non condensing
Rated Life 10 Years Plus (Extended with maintenance)
Warranty 5 Years

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