Modular LED Backlighting Pixel for Wovin Wall®

    CreativeLumen and KiboWorks have taken backlighting to a completely new level and created WovinLumen, a unique addressable LED backlit module specifically designed to work with Wovin Wall. WovinLumen is a versatile low-profile fixture, fitting precisely into the Wovin Wall frame and connecting together with a simple click to form strings of modules, perfect for animated displays, large-scale effects and graphics. The illuminated Wovin Wall tiles can be installed into a host of settings, including architectural, retail, and entertainment.

    Wovin|Lumen modules can be controller via DMX, ARTnet, Stream and Dali to produce dimming or animated effects. Modules are available in a range of white colour temperatures including worm, neutral and cool white as well as RGB and RGBW. Custom colour temperatures and single colour's can be supplied.

    The Wovin Wall® range provides design solutions for interior walls and ceilings unlike any other product. Elegant and simple, these lightweight decorative wall and ceiling tiles are easy to install and can be fitted to most surfaces. Wovin Wall’s modular assembly facilitates custom wall sizing, lending itself well to exhibition and retail spaces. The modular nature of Wovin Wall® is the perfect medium to reflect new colour schemes, product launches or seasonal changes.

  • Fast fitting, using high quality 3M Power Clamp connection system for fast reliable connections.
  • Daylight visible, with each module outputting 540 lumens of white light in a low profile housing, ideal for large scale effects and dynamic lighting.
  • Up to 60 modules can be connected together in a single run with cables running under the Wovin frame, maximising light output and minimising internal shadows.
  • Onboard Proto-Stream DMX IC requires no physical addressing or DMX termination, significantly reducing installation time and cost.
  • KiboNode DMX and ArtNet controllers remove the need for DMX splitters, Simplifying installation and reducing cost.
  • Uses advanced gamma and binning algorithms to provide unparalleled colour consistency and accuracy, to deliver a new standard of uniformity in LED luminaries.
  • Symmetrical batwing light distribution and innovative product design, delivering optimised distribution and providing exceptional lighting performance and energy savings.
  • A light enhancing optical strip produces over 94% reflectivity, increasing light output for greater luminance from both sides of the WovinLumen module.
  • 5 Year Warranty.
Lumens 400lm per module before diffusion
Lumen Maintenance 70,000 hours L70 @ 25° C 40,000 hours L70 @ 50° C
100,000 hours L50 @ 25° C 70,000 hours L50 @ 50° C
LED Channels 4 or 3 Channels - RGBW x 4, RGB x 3
Processing Depth 16 Bit
Colours 17 million from an active pallet of 281 trillion
Video Frame Rate Up to 100 frames per second
Display Refresh Rate 2,6,12,24 kHz selectable
Height 24.323mm
Length 128.588 mm
Width 81.095mm
Housing 4 x M4 Screws (Not supplied)
Connections 3M Power-Clamp 5 Pin 6amp Rated
Data Transmission Standard UDP Serial & E1-31 DMX Ethernet Input
Data Protocol (STREAM) - Electronics Industries Alliance EIA485)
DMX - Electronics Industries Alliance EIA485)
ArtNet II / III
Video Formatting Precompiled AVI Files
Input Power 48VDC
Maximum Power Consumption 4 Watts per module
Module Run Length 60 modules | Max of 6 amps | 80m from power source to last module
Operating Temperature Range -20°C > +58°C
Operating Humidity Range 80% non condensing
Rated Life 10 Years Plus (Extended with maintenance)
Warranty 5 Years

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